Deploy Node Express App to Heroku using Travis CI

Deploy Node Express App to Heroku using Travis CI

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Bawantha Rathnayaka
·Jan 25, 2021·

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In this article I will show how to continuously deploy your node express app on Heroku cloud platform using Travis CI.

What is Travis CI?

“Travis CI is a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used to build and test software projects…” — Wikipedia

What will we need?

  1. GitHub Account: To push the code and trigger the Travis CI.
  2. Travis CI Account: To run the tests and build the code for production
  3. Heroku Account: To deploy the app


1. Create Travis config file

Create a file named ‘.travis.yml’ in the root folder. Submit this file to GitHub as well

language: node_js

  • "10"
    sudo: false


  • master


- node\_modules  

provider: heroku
skip_cleanup: true
keep-history: true
app: your_heroku_app_name

Read more about this here.

2. Set up Heroku

First you’ll need to create your Heroku app. For that you’ll have to login at Heroku go to your apps page an click on the “New > Create new app” button.

Then you specify your new app name

3. Set up Travis

Go to to sign up with your GitHub account. After login, go to ‘Profile’. We see the ‘GitHub App Integration’ section, click ‘Activate’ button and Grant with GitHub authority, choose the repository you want to integrate, click ‘Approve & install’ button.

Keep the default settings for ‘General’ and ‘Auto Cancellation’.

4. Deployment

Make any change to your node app and submit it to Github. Once Travis notice the new submission, it starts to build the app according to the instructions configured in ‘.travis.yml’ file.

If the build is finished successfully, your site is deployed to Heroku 🎉

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