personal website for every github user

personal website for every github user

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·May 19, 2019·

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Gitfolio will help you get started with a portfolio website where you could showcase your work

Getting Started

Let’s build

a. Clone this repository using git clone or just simply download it.

$ git clone [](

b. Now cd into the repository you just cloned cd gitfolio and run the below command

$ npm i

This will install all the dependencies you will need to build your website.

c. After its done installing the dependencies run this command where username is your username on github

$ node build --name username

This will create index.css and index.html files in your working directory.

d. Congrats, you just made yourself a personal website.

e. To run your website navigate to index.html in your browser. [you won't see blogs until you are on localhost]

if you get stuck somewhere or get an error, please create an issue

Let’s customize

Enabling Dark theme

To enable dark theme just provide --dark as an argument while building

$ node build --name username --dark

Customize background image

To customize the background image just provide --background [url] argument while building

$ node build --name username --background [](

You could also add in your custom CSS inside index.css to give it a more personal feel.

Let’s Publish

Push the files to github. You can host your website using github pages by naming your repo You can also your custom domain.


To update your info, simply run

$ node update

This will update your info and your repository info.

To Update background or theme you need to run build command again.

hurray! — — — — — — — — — — — -

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